Architect Ryan Stephen envisioned this project and worked alongside Dovetail General Contractor and yours truly Stonehenge architectural to make this vision a reality. We perfected theses stairs to the highest quality possible with the highest quality material. Our team at Stonehenge made sure that these stairs would to a tea of what our customer wanted. This project was nicknamed Minecraft Motivation due to the fact that the stairs where crafted to imitate a home in the video game. and had a article written about it on the Seattle magazine. Stonehenge architectural specifically worked on the stairs in this image above! For this project we used the color Pewter from Davies selection to make a floating Stairway that was created just for this project. This unique design allowed us to imitate the original design that was a envisioned in the video game Minecraft. Even though the idea of creating floating stairs seemed difficult at first, we managed to find a way to complete it ahead of schedule this project allows us to understand different Client’s vision and allowing it to come to life. This isn’t our only project that has made headlines another one of our project that was a fountain at the university of Walla Walla.